Why SEO for your website?

Note : "A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon"
Datasoft IT Kings guarantees to google first-page result following only White Hat SEO. At DSIK we keep words and obey promises to help achieve clients the traffic they are looking for.
Building a stunningly good looking website is not enough. A website must have enough users to land to check the hard work done. This is all that SEO is about, SEO plays a major role to get it done!
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There are two main phases that search engines look at when evaluating your site compared to other sites on the web.

Our SEO Strategy 2019

Affordable and yet effective SEO for a website doesn't happen overnight. We believe there is a long term strategy which plays a vital role in the field of Digital Marketing. In website development and designing, we can see instant results but the same is not the case with SEO. Here an analysis needs to be done before starting the process and understanding the client's requirement. So that the visitors landing on your website are searching for your business niche.

  • Competitor Analysis in SEO

    Competitor analysis is a vital aspect which has to be followed wisely as an initial step of an SEO campaign. Everyone has competitors, hence it is necessary to have an analysis to know about them. in the market and where they stand in terms of ranking or even a stunning website. This helps one to understand goals more clearly and also reveal any gaps or mistakes. This competitive analysis is considered important as it helps us to understand the tactics in our industry. You can have a look at the websites of your top four competitors to see the keywords used and check other properties too. The insights gained from this analysis is helpful to build strategies for ongoing SEO. It also helps us to know the tasks we should prioritize to get better rankings on Google. This insight we get from this deep analysis help us to know our competitor's strengths. In the end, we can have an idea about the resources needed to outperform our competitors.

  • Keyword Research in SEO

    While your content on the website should have a good Readability score, the focus keyword plays an important role. Why targeting a keyword important? Well, using them in a correct manner will direct effect on the investment. The more you understand about keywords, the better you will plan. Researching keywords that have the best search volume play an important part in growing your traffic. Use Google Keywords Planner to check search volume, thus understanding what terms are being used to search the product. We can also have a look at what our competitors are targeting with SEMRush tool. DSIK being the best SEO services provider can help you to build an effective keyword strategy for your business.

  • OnPage SEO

     After getting the URL of your website our SEO Specialist will do a full OnPage SEO audit of your entire website. This audit includes checking keywords, content, alt attributes of images, focus keyword, and many more things. Moreover, we have a look at sitemap configuration, robots.txt file and also any issues with loading speed of the website. Search engine bots will only index the pages if we have all on-site parameters set in the correct manner. At DSIK we provide best SEO Services in India that will help you improve your rankings. As a result, it will generate a good client building and thus more revenue.

  • Link Building Off-Page SEO

    Link Building as the name suggests is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website, blog, vlog or a podcast. Building link is one of the main practices used in search engine optimization (SEO) and is an organic SEO service. Link share is a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource for services or products and is worth for citation. We should keep in mind that our site has quality content to get back more links. Backlinks are a big help for search engines to crawl between the pages on your website. At DSIK we make sure that the links being used are genuine and of high quality, and for that we use a wide variety of methods. Some of the methods that we use include Guest posting on popular blogs. Blog Commenting, Q&A on Quora, Broken Link Building, Forum Posting, Promotion on social media and many more.